Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stay at Home Mom

I've known for a few years know why I am a stay at home mom, but if you wanted me to explain in words, it probably wouldn't work. (See two post previous, my heart is not articulate.)
But as I spent the evening with my husband, Saturday night movie night, the kids in bed, us on the couch, actually able to cuddle since I'm not pregnant, with our red netflix envelope empty, the computer dvd drive spinning, it suddenly became so clear.
We were watching (500) Days of Summer, and the Narrator said this,
Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin, and they end, with no lasting memories made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of a life. May 23rd was a Wednesday.
That is why I'm a stay at home mom.
Sure my days, begin and end like everyone else's but every day is remarkable, every day has a lasting impact. My children won't remember a single day that will happened in 2010, five years from now, and I will remember only a few. But memories are made on the heart, and every day is remarkable. Every day, has an impact on the course of the rest of our lives in this house. My husband goes to work each day, and I stay at home, and while we are a family with our kids, we are able to stay out of the rat race. That is why I'm a stay at home mom, because my days do not just begin and end, the are full of impact, memories are made.

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