Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preschool-- Please Help

What type of advice do all you preschool sending moms' have for me?

My husband informs me my son will be an adult in 15 years whether or not I send him to preschool. But I need my time so I should send him. Thats not the type of advice I'm looking for. I already know that. He then informs me that our son will be top of his kindergarten class whether we send him to preschool or not, but he will enjoy it, so I might as well send him. Once again not the type of advice I'm looking for.

I don't even know the questions to ask how to I find a good preschool. What about prices? You would say ask around, the people I know don't have kids in preschool. What is a good preschool you ask, one that is not daycare, one that isn't super expensive; I'm already paying one college tuition currently, I'm not looking to double it, one that is not the first step on his SAT prep, I don't care about guarantees of reading.
Our school district does Preschool, I tried to call to figure out some answers, like price. But the phone wouldn't work, I was able to call my sister, but not the preschool number, it wouldn't even connect. How do I tell its actually preschool and not headstart? My son doesn't need headstart he has been read to since infancy. I'm looking for preschool next august, I feel overwhelmed I already have to worry about it.
PLEASE HELP, all you preschool mom's I know lots of you are out there. Give me advice. How did you find a preschool?


  1. I'll email you. Not that I'm an authority or anything.

  2. I don't think you are asking me my opinion on I will just say, GOOD LUCK!

  3. Leslie, I would just say to look for one that focuses on playing and natural learning. We found a progressive preschool out where we are and love it, although I still haven't made up my mind about sending #2 next year since it does feel like an "extra" since I'm homeschooling #1 anyeay. But it was important to me that the school was a way for #1 to make friends her age and to have a fun time, but I don't believe in forcing the academics at that age, and the progressive philosophy absolutely doesn't. It was all about play, exploration (they did an awesome job supplying materials for open-ended art projects, but didn't force the kids to churn out identical crafts), interacting with other people, and nature. And the funny thing is that the kids learn so much anyway, because they want to! They don't need worksheets or directions at 3 and 4

    I have no idea what is in your area, but i'm sure there is something. Good luck finding what you want!