Friday, January 8, 2010

A preschooler?

My daughter is napping, and I slightly cleaned my house in anticipation for my husband's return from his business trip, so I have nothing to do but blog. Lucky you.
Remember how I mentioned my son and I were doing joyschool/preschool with our neighbors. Well it was deteriorating and I knew, and now its crumbled to nothing. I've learned a lot though.
Anyway, maybe next child... The problem is my son has now become accustom to leaving the house without me or his baby sister in tow, what are we suppose to do now?
Pay money, which is fine, I was just hoping to put it off until next fall. My plan was do joyschool for a year, than pay for preschool for a year. Overall I wish kindergarten was still optional, and most kids stayed at home with their internet wasting mothers until they were 6. But instead, my son tells me about 50 million times a day he is bored, and lets eat lunch at McDonalds. (He had never eaten at McDs until last August, he had never eaten there with his mom paying until December and now he is obsessed. We were wise to hold off. He now has a baby sister to eat his paid for meal so he has the privilege of playing on the slides and getting a toy. He better get an appetite soon, because before you know it she is going to complain that she eats the food so she should get the toy.)
Back to my son's schedule. I don't really want him to grow up, I think I could handle the tantrums if he promised he wouldn't ever grow up. I don't want to plan trips to grandmas' houses under the G on the weekends, and plan vacations around school breaks. But he is, so I'm thinking parent free kindermusik and a tumbling class at the local Rec center. I'm really not ready to break into the whole Preschool thing just yet. And honestly neither is my son, he is introvert and so even-though the baby and me bore him at home, he doesn't really want much on his plate. (Introvert, as gets worn out by being around to be many people. My son has never been shy, but always been introverted.) And sadly preschool will come sooner than I expect, registration for preschool classes at the local elementary school is in February. Yikes! Next month.
Overall I'm paralyzed by fear. Kindergarten starts a few weeks after my husband graduates with a Masters in Business Adm and then he wants to get promoted and move or get a different job, in another location. (Am I allowed to write that on the internet?) I don't understand what it means to be a mother with a child in school, and registration and such, I can't handle the idea of re-registering somewhere else in the middle of year. I'm not worried about him, he is young, and resilient, its me that's not. Not to mention even if my husband doesn't get a new job, we aren't staying in this apartment for another year after school, just so I don't have to re-register him.
What happened to being his favorite person, and his best friend? Now I'm just boring old mom, who steals hugs, and has to find a preschool to attend. Diaper changes are easier. Speaking of, I keep thinking, huh... next year at this time, I'll be getting ready to potty train again, once its warm enough for no pants. Huh.... I hate potty training, but I also hate changing dirty diapers. Yup, 14 months and then another round of potty training. Well that's my life. Luckily next time I attempt potty training, my son will be in preschool four mornings a week.
ps, I haven't posted any christmas pictures, in the next week or so, expect about 15 posts.


  1. Preschool is marvelous. I'm sure J will always love you more than he loves his teachers!

  2. I am not the biggest fan of pre-school and kindergarten has me scared! I love having my little ones home with me...sometimes I consider homeschool but think I am being selfish