Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas 09

For all you with out google reader accounts, or something like that, I have finished uploading all my christmas pictures. Why I spent the whole afternoon doing this is beyond me. But they are are, I even created a label for all you non RSS reader feeder something or other caller things: Christmas 09. (So original I know) Now you can see more pictures of children and a few of their cousins in matching jammies than you ever could hope for. Don't worry I put hardly any words on the posts, because I knew very few of you would even look at the pictures, let alone read lots of words.

P.S. My husband has a theory, that when we are all dead and gone, it will be like our great grandparents generation, people will search for the few printed copies of a photo we actually have. Sure people like me take a couple hundred pictures a month of my kids, but how many get printed so people of future generations will actually see them.

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