Friday, January 15, 2010

FHE and Cameras

My husband got his birthday present early, a Pentax K-X. I've been wanting him to get a new camera for years, for his amateur enjoyment. Our first camera was a digital camera that was a step up or two from point and shoots, and he enjoying playing around with it. We have all types of pictures of my son as a baby and me, but then when the camera broke, that mostly ended. I'm narcissistic so I've been wanting my husband to get a new camera since we got our first "real" job after college. He splurged on sale, and now we have fun shots of family home evening cookie making on Monday.

I'm a point and shoot type of girl, so we still need our cannon SD800 but its nice to have a camera that takes good shots. Although I wouldn't mind an upgrade.
Speaking of an upgrade, now that we have good amateur pictures, I'm really considering changing over to wordpress per Shannon's suggestion. I'm quite annoyed at their dumb photo uploads, and small picture size.


  1. Yay, move to Wordpress! From what I hear, it really is an easy switch.

  2. If you don't want to change blogs, I just upload all my pics to photobucket, and copy over the html code into the compose box to make my pics bigger, and I don't have to wait 3 hours for them to upload. But to each their own!

  3. You should get some cookie paddles. I couldn't live without them!

  4. Weird. Just last week I was thinking about switching to Wordpress. Not anytime soon. Maybe when the aery beat is over...