Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My son is about 6 weeks away from his birthday. Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, he looked so cute, I almost started to cry (my emotions might have been induced by other factors). I exclaimed to him, that he was getting so big and he was about to turn 4! I asked him why he wasn't my baby anymore?! He didn't quite understand he just smiled awkwardly and continued jumping. I wanted him to promise he would never turn 4, but yet I knew he wouldn't be able to keep such a promise, not to mention he has been looking forward to his birthday for the last 6 months, why would I let my selfishness deny him joy? But seriously four is so old! And really he did use to be my baby. My baby that crawled for 10 months, with fat pudgy cheeks, now he is a skinny boy without even a baby fat belly who jumps and writes notes.

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