Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My one Goal

My goal this year is to stop being a crazy mommy.
I guess maybe my second one is to not start being a crazy wife. I feel like I have done a good job as a wife last year, but as a mommy I'm nutty.
My husband does not like broad vague goals like that, so here are the specifics on how I plan on solving it.
  1. Eat breakfast early on in the morning, and eat lunch at noon, low blood sugar seems to be one of my largest causes of anger. No wonder I'm ornery when I only eat a piece of toast by 2 pm
  2. Study my scriptures daily
  3. Have background music on more often in the house. thank goodness for pandora, classic stations, folk instrumental stations, even teen pop, yes, I like that station. Even allow my child to listen to the annoying Primary CDs, even with their annoyances surprisingly they do improve the mood of the house.
  4. Increase my budget, I honestly can not feed and clothe my child with the amount I set aside. I don't even buy name brand food, which means I feel like a failure when every two weeks I spend more than I planned.
  5. Make sure I'm praying regularly
  6. I'm made great strides in not comparing myself to other women in my parenting duties since August, but I need to continue on this path
  7. Enjoy my children, laugh at them more
  8. Not worry about the mundane things of life when my kids are clambering for attention, it is so much fun to stop chores and play than continue chores and hear whining
  9. Cook my family dinners, whenever I'm actually cooking for my family my mood is much more relaxed
  10. Continue detoxing my liver, I have some issues right now, which includes a liver that has hurt for the last two years. I carry anger and anxiety in my liver, I'm working at relaxing and detoxing it with out any radical diets
  11. Exercise! I know exercising will help me relax and not hoard my anger
  12. Stop yelling at my kids. I don't know what has happened when we moved to our 20s bunglow a year and half ago, I turned into crazy mommy and started yelling. I'm making progress now, I know and recognize when I'm doing it, that is step one. Now I need to stop mid sentence, then stop mid thought and eventually the yelling thoughts will stop
  13. Not worry if my house is not clean
  14. Reread What Happy People Know, and rewrite my life scripts -- I am totally fine about my husband doing is MBA, yeah I have no one to pick up slack around the house, but I am totally ok with that. I have almost started to enjoy the evenings I have with the kids. Plus my husband knows he doesn't have quantity time with them so he gives them a really quality hour. And its great to watch them play. I was actually quite pushy to get the MBA over and done with now, I feel like its our MBA. But yet when people ask what is up, I find myself complaining about being a single mother, with this voice in my head wondering why I'm complaining. I don't want to complain while he is at class, (well I did until I adjust to our new life). Anyway, I want to rewrite my life scripts so I can declare I am happy. Because I am, I'm not miserable.
  15. Continue laughing at my daughters temper tantrums
  16. Never ever feel guilty again that my husband enjoys cooking bread and I don't. (I won't accomplish never ever, but I like to shoot high)
  17. Enjoy college life in our little (huge) apartment with our two babies, with our even numbers, two parents, two kids/two boys, two girls 2004,2006,2008. I think it might be a blessing that my husband and I have gotten to be poor college students with babies, twice now. (Even if we aren't poor this time) In a couple of decades these will be our favorite memories. Although I'm pretty sure I can't remember any of it now.
  18. Vacuum Saturday night. I hate staring at a dirty carpet all sunday, wishing I could vacuum, but deciding, I have to wait for Monday, because vacuuming is work that can wait. Vacuuming right before Saturday night baths make me infinitely happier on Sundays.
Overall I'm extremely happy, I feel like I have perfect kids and a perfect husband, life has taken me down the exact opposite path as I planned but I love it. Sure I'm crazy mommy right now, and we have other struggles but I think that is why I am so happy. I can see the opposition. I appreciate every family moment we have together, because my husband is so busy. Home cooked meals are the ONLY thing that keeps us together right now, and my kids aren't even 4 yet. Plus I'm totally positive that my children behave better if I don't let them eat "kid meals" all the time, and make the eat "adult food" like salad, stir fry, bean soups, and hot cereal, at least twice a week.


  1. I love your "crazy mommy" terminology.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Hope Husband makes it home right on time tonight.

  2. I love reading your blog. It makes me feel a little less "crazy" when I know there are more of us out there.