Friday, January 22, 2010

Totally Working

As weird as it may sound, I've been working at replacing my negative emotions with more positive ones. Which is actually working quite well, because it validates the negative emotion, but doesn't keep it around. Saying I'm not mad does not work, because well I was mad. Anyway, as I was falling asleep I was working at relaxing and all that jazz. When I thought I can do it, I'm no longer paralyzed by the change of my son growing up. I can do what it takes to enroll him in preschool. Honestly the idea of preschool just was paralyzing me, but I knew it would be whats best for him and the whole family.
Today I woke up, started doing stuff. Started not really doing stuff. Thought am I going to figure out preschool? It was a real question, was I actually going to stop being paralyzed by my son getting older, or fall back into bad habits. I immediately went and got my phone, tried the number, it wouldn't dial. Checked the internet and found out the area code was different?! Wierd, I didn't even know such an area code existed in this state but google verified. Anyway, information is in the mail today for me.
Although anymore advice that people have would be great!


  1. You're doing fine. All you have to do is find one or two options that generally fit your budget and schedule, aren't part of a daycare, and don't smell like pee.

    David went to a REALLY MEDIOCRE preschool last year--and it worked out just fine.

    It looks like you may have already found a good option. Don't feel like you HAVE to find another one to compare. If it seems like it will work, sign him up and move on with life.

    Okay, I'll shut up now.