Sunday, January 17, 2010

Evie came to visit

One more Christmas 09 post. My cousin, Scott, his wife Larissa and their child Evie came to visit us near the end of the stay at my parents. Now Scott and Larissa and us go way back to like two years ago, when be both lived in Springville. I know like I said way back. Although Scott and I do go way back, because we are cousins, and only a few years a part so we I spent most of my childhood hanging out with him. Anyway, I took no pictures of Scott and Larissa, because really adults aren't as fun in pictures as children. But I did get some great shots of my daughter being super mean to Evie. In an effort to save this basket which my mom keeps lots of "babies" in (small stuff animals) which are called babies to my son. So I introduced...

Three small chairs for three child. I figured it would all be fine and dandy. Unfortunately as the picture will show, N babe spent all of her energy making sure Evie did not get to sit on the swing.

She didn't even really want her her brother to sit in the swing either, but a big brother is a lot harder to push around. Literally.
But finally Evie succeed and got to sit in the swing. What these pictures don't show, it the extensive screaming and crying of all those involved.

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