Friday, September 25, 2009

Vacay to the Motherland

I know my posts have been sporadic since my trip, with not much about the trip, so in case you were wondering what I looked like...
Here it is, me with a pouch on me with a head sticking out.
Maybe I should be a kangaroo for halloween.
Halloween... that justifies a whole another post in itself. If you have been following this blog since its conception, you know halloween takes a lot of stewing, and returns for me. This year another in the same. First a bear... then we got a Giraffe costume in hopes my son didn't grow, because he asked for one. He grew, luckily I have the receipt. He told his girlfriend's mom he was going to be a bear. But then we decided on a spider. How do I know whether he really wants to be a bear or a spider?! A spider would be cheaper and easier since I can use the same black sweats from last year....

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