Sunday, September 13, 2009

Travel Injuries

My mom and I have been busy busy doing lots of projects since I've been at her house. But between piano lessons, my two small children, and appointments, my mom and mine only time is after my kids are in bed, which means we have been staying up past midnight almost every night. Needless to say I'm exhausted, so last night when I sliced my finger open on a straight pin, it was a good thing my mom and my sister was there to keep me from passing out.
It was a special moment.
Right after I sliced my finger I declared that I have not been able to stand the sight of blood since I got pregnant with my daughter 18 months ago. I was laughing hysterically out of exhausted while prancing around the room, pratically swooning with blood pooled up in my hand. Luckily my mother stopped my movements while my sister interpeted my hysteria vocals. My mother cleaned my hand for me, since I couldn't handle the blood in my tired state. I didn't really recover until after I ate to get my nausa undercontrol.
Sure my finger still hurts, but what I'm really wondering is why does blood still make me sick?

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