Monday, August 10, 2009

Paper and Ink

A week ago, my son drew a pod picture of himself in green. Later on I asked him what he wanted to be for halloween (I was in the mood for a holiday, and its the next big one, even if its more than two months away). After a bit of a discussion, with various suggestions, he decided a bear. He then went back to his picture and added his halloween costume, of a bear.
In case you need some explanations. His eyeballs are rather huge.
On Saturday 'the Anty Kim' came and watched our kids so I could go shoot the gun my husband bought me while I was pregnant, and the gun he bought himself when I was pregnant. Since I was pregnant at the time, I couldn't shoot either of them, so finally after almost a year of owning it I finally got to shoot it. Babies make marksmanship so tricky, with not want the fetus deaf or lead poisoning, not to mention, just because my babies are born, I still don't want to injure their hearing, or let them lick my fingers after touching lead. Back to the art at hand. Luckily 'the anty kim' gave my son a much need two hours of uninterpreted time, while his baby sister slept. During which he decided he wanted to cut paper, his current favorite pastime time. Although she didn't know, he owns and uses four pairs of scissors. So she cut and he colored. According to her, yes, he colored the whole face himself. We were all very amazed. Then she cut his effects and he colored, a hangun, a rifle, utensils (his word)--a spoon (not a balloon), a knife, a fork, a juice box, a plate, a bowl, a fish and a flower.
Here's a close up of the face. My son loves markers and does in my opinion rather amazing things for a three year old with them. But not crayons, so he rarely even touches his nursery pictures.


  1. I didn't know you guys were gun people. Cool.

  2. I knew the scissors were his because he had to show me how to use them...that pair with the little springy pieces, apparently I was doing it wrong. I just wanted to do the cutting because I was bored. Plus he did an amazing job of coloring.

  3. I love the bear costume one. I can't even get Funny Funny to draw a line with a pencil or pen she just doesn't want anything to do with drawing, but she will pack pictures around for weeks that I scribble for her.

    Not to be nit picky or anything, but I think it is spelled "Anti-Kim" Kinda like antithesis, Anti-Nephi-Lehi, and antiaircraft.

  4. Oh yes, my husband's family is big into the personal application of the second amendment.
    I use to spell it anti, but then I didn't want to be mean.