Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beautiful Pictures

While we were in Texas, Wendolin took pictures.

You can see more here
The pictures leave me with two questions.
1. When did my boy get so big?!
2. I think my daughter looks great in her turquoise ruffley shirt, considering her eyes, and the color of her brother's shirt. But will people wonder why I dressed my daughter in blue? It was either that or pink, or pattern. And you do not wear patterns when you are being photographed by Wendolin. And I didn't want pale pink, blah, thats been done before.


  1. Very Cute!!! I love the blue shirt. I do that with Ashley also because she has intense blue eyes as well, and the bright color really "pops"! Love it!

  2. Love the pics. I love RED on my girls and am really not a big pink fan. Good choice :)

  3. I think your color choices were great. Your little girl still looked like a little girl. But I agree, when did your little boy become such a grown up kid?

  4. They are beautiful!! It's amazing how fast the kids grow and they look so good.

  5. Wendolin is so good. How has she never taken my pictures??

  6. You have such big kids! great pictures!