Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wanted: Dresser

My daughter is need of a dresser. My newborns use sweater boxes, to house their clothing. But now she has more than just sleepers and onesies, and her sweater box is busting at the seams.That's all I have to say that we need a dresser, and my husband has no time to go garage saleing with me, because he has study group all Saturday morning. And I am too shy to garage sale by myself, with two children in tow. Nor do I have the money after an $8,000 tuition payment this month. Look isn't she cute, doesn't see deserve a dresser like the rest of the family?!
Oh that, and I successfully took apart our baby swing. I'm so proud of myself, so now I have the room for a dresser. We love the baby swings when we have small babies for them, but they are the bane of life for the next 2 years. They are so big and bulky. I'm so proud of myself, for completely dissembling it all by myself, so it was easy to store away. Just look she is so sad, that her family treats her like a second class citizen and doesn't get her a dresser. What type of pathetic parents does she have?


  1. Sorry! We just gave our only spare to Eliza so her baby would have one. (He's turning 2 in November and he just got a dresser last week, so it sounds like you are ahead of the competition.)

  2. Have you checked Craig's List? My mom is currently OBSESSED with Craig's list. She searches it for vintage treasures that we can use to decorate Brooke's wedding. She sends me links all the time. Anyway, you can find pretty good deals...

  3. We are looking for one too so sorry I can't help. We also need a baby gate for the stairs! I think any day I will find on on craigslist or freecycle.
    Good luck!