Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Post

I have nothing much to post about.
My children and I are in Texas, my husband is busy working and schooling.
I realized the other day part of the reason I'm glad we moved is for the most part most of our neighbors would never be classified as uber parents. Uber parenthood wears me out. The people I live around, have no problem with their children watching a little tv, or letting them dig in the dirt, they tell their children to stop whining, they aren't concerned about organic babyfood with DHA added, they are pretty convinced their children will survive childhood just fine. I find that a relief. Like the other day I mentioned my baby daughter has tan lines, I said I don't know if thats a bad thing, or good that she has vitamin D. Another mom said oh course it is good, everyone likes the sun and likes to be tan. Thank goodness I didn't have any moms staring me down for poisoning my children with UV-rays. The sun, can be so dangerous, I'm surprised anyone ever leaves their house. By the way, when we are out long term I do sunscreen, and I do put hats on my bald baby's head. But I unlike many today think sunlight is good. Vitamin D is necessary, not to mention we are happier with sunlight and fresh air.
Next topic
25 Days until my birthday....
Oh yeah, and my daughter got her first tooth last week.

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