Monday, September 28, 2009

5 Years ago today

5 years ago today, I went to go pick Chinese food up with my boyfriend's sister, so my boyfriend's brother could play a joke on my boyfriend with my engagement ring that was fedex to that brother's house. After Chinese food and family home evening, 5 years ago exactly to the number and the day of the week since we've had two leap years in the past 5 years, my boyfriend took me up for a drive in the canyon to try to propose to me. I foiled all his attempts to do anything nice, and so there we were on the side of highway 89 with cars whizzing by, perfect for our personalities, me demanding. Didn't matter, I wanted the ring, and even in the pitch blackness I could see the diamond sparkle. I couldn't see my boyfriend/fiance but I could see the diamond. I am always willing to give up any romantic notion of anything as long as I get what I want.
And we are still just as happy and goofy looking as ever, except now we look like we are 18 instead of 15. Luckily we are 25 and 27. (Lets see if my husband comments on the implications of that statement.)
It seems like the more our children drive me batty, the more I love my husband. That the positive thing about the bad times, it makes me realize that love is not only a fair weather sport. Now is a good time, but in the stressed times I realize how much I want to always be with my family, even if I'm not currently happy in the moment, I know the only way for lasting joy is with them.


  1. I think you still look the same age...was it really 5 years ago! Time sure does fly when you are having kids! Fun!

  2. Ha ha! I have no idea when I got engaged. All I know is that it was a saturday and it was sometime before Oct 27, 2006 (our wedding day).