Saturday, September 19, 2009

Afternoons like this..

After an afternoon like this I had to keep telling myself its alright, life is not doomed. I know my problem is completely trivial, but when you are tall like me is so depressing to never find clothes long enough. You see I am too tall for most of the dresses on the market. A few years ago I thought I found one long enough only to be told my husband it wasn't long enough. I thought I had been holding on to it, in hopes I would shrink or something. In LA I was shown, vintage hems, I thought I had the solution to my dress problem. Only to not be able to find my dress today...(sad face).
Hopefully I can find it....
If not at least the slips do open a whole new market of dresses that do not reach my knee.

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  1. I do something similar to the slips when I am pregnant (the bigger your belly gets, the shorter the dress gets!) I would were a basic black skirt under my maternity dress as if it were a slip, and it would add lenth, and a thick black band around the bottom of the dress, so as long as my dress has black in it (which mine does) I think it works out ok. Maybe I should ask someone else besides my husband though... haha... he says it looks fine. But the slips VH has are way way cute, so try it and post a picture!