Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Too Tired for a witty titlre

We just got back fr0m a weekend in LA. It was lovely, we got to see Brent, the kids were excited to see dad. My husband loved being at the beach every day. While I went through my boycott sunscreen, because I hate listening "authority", and now I have a sunburn.
On the flight back to Texas my son barfed, he told me later he was glad for barf bags. The flight attendents were so unhelp, but what can you expect. Flight attendents are not there to be your friend, they are there to serve you a drink, and increase the price of your ticket.
My husband taught my 5 year old nephew some skateboard tricks, so he has won favorite uncle for a while. It was pretty cute to see my nephew doing the tricks, even if it was in his living room.
And luckily I had a chance to talk to my sister in law, so hopefully I recovering fr0m my quarter life crisis. More on that later...
Not to mention-- I got to see and hold my newest newphew! Although unfortunately I smelt too good for him ever to be happy with me. I guess thats the problem with having babies at similar times.

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