Friday, September 11, 2009

Like New

By the time I get home and upload pictures I will have millions of them. Even though I have my laptop with me, I doubt I will upload until I get home, I hate uploading.
I've reazlied our MBA honeymoon is over, since we've been gone it seems like every night my husband is doing something with school.
The kids and I must be having fun, it is apparent by how increasingly exhausted we get each day. My mom and I have gotten a lot of projects done be sure to check them out when I get around to posting them on my other blog.
But one of my highlights of the trip was going to go see Gary the jeweler. For the first time in 5 years I got my rings polished, cleaned and re dipped. When I went to pick them up today I didn't even recognize them they looked so good. It was a fitting time to get it done, as it was 5 years ago this month I was threatening my husband if he did indead want to get married to me I needed my ring by my birthday. I thought he was playing a trick on me, since he likes to tease, but indead he was telling the truth that the ring would be late because Gary was sick. Amazely enough I did get the ring before the end of the month. It was only a few days after the 26th. So I did decided to still marry my husband. Luckily for me, I'm sure the one who won. I think he is a much better catch than I am.

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