Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yesterday is best summed up by my son's phrase, "I'm having a hard day." He told his dad when he got home, "mom had a hard day, but not me, I had a good day." We won't get into the particulars lets just say, I absolutely hate tuition payments.
So today couldn't come at a better time.
I went to the dentist, sure most would not view that as a good time had by all, but oh do I love a trip to the dentist. The twice a year I have the best self esteem is after walking out of the dentist. For most a trip to the dentist is filled with pain, disappointment, and bills. For me, its an hour of medical professionals telling me how perfect my teeth are, and how beautiful they are. For a girl who likes words of affirmation, nothing could be better than hearing for an hour how wonderful and beautiful my mouth is.
Why is the dentist so enjoyable for me,
First off, I have been blessed with great teeth genes, I rarely get cavities.
Second, I always have brushed my teeth even as a small child
Third, thanks my parents who paid a large sum to the staff at Apple Orthodontics I received great orthodontic treatment.
Fourth, back to the good genes, my teeth have not reverted from my braces at all
Fifth, I married a man, who is also obsessed with good oral hygiene, and so I floss daily
Sixth, I genuinely like the feeling of my teeth after a good teeth cleaning done by a skilled hygienist.

I just happened to cold call a random dentist from my insurance website, it just so happens we get free bleaching system every six months. So I didn't get any today, because I'm still breastfeeding, but come six months from now I will have fabulously white teeth to go with my fabulously straight cavity free teeth.
Now if I could only stop clenching.
Yes, I'm vain, I'm also an imperfect soul, how about you?!

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  1. I hate the dentist because I do not have good teeth genes. I always ALWAYS have cavities even though I brush two-three times a day. My braces left my teeth sort of straight and they definitely have moved a lot since three years ago when I stepped on my retainer and never had it replaced.

    Whatever. My teeth have "character" according to my mom.