Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eating like birds

A serious chronic problem...WHAT TO COOK FOR DINNER???!!!!!
So, I hate cooking dinner, the only thing that tops it, is browning ground beef and cutting raw chicken, or wait that is part of the problem
My husband and child, don't eat much, they are like birds, and never ever suggest anything, other than nachos and hot dogs. Unfortunately neither of them eat hot dogs.
Now here is the other problem, I am like a small child, and incredibly picky, unless someone else made it than I will gobble it up.
For a long time beef and I were not so much friends, since then I've been pregnant twice and in dire need of iron, so now we are chummy, unless the BBQ only cooks half the burger, or you make me eat it more than twice a week.
Chicken and I use to be in a love affair, but then I became pregnant twice, oh and I can barely be in the same room as raw chicken when I'm pregnant.
Now luckily I'm not pregnant, but when it comes to anything I have vivid graphic memories, especially when it concerns queasy stomachs. So chicken maybe once a week.
SO... that leaves me four more days to come up with dinner.
I love carbs, but every one makes them sound evil, so I feel guilty if I eat white pasta more than once a week, and I'm way too cheap to buy wheat pasta.
So yes there are beans, and lentils, and I'm expanding my abilities with those, but I've just started and only know about three dishes. And who really wants to eat the same thing week after week.
And tomato make my daughter refluxie so we only have a tomato dish about once a week, so there goes mexican dishes the only thing my husband will eat more than one helping of.
Anyway, this isn't that difficult I just like it to be, so I make it that way. I don't know whats for dinner, and I'm out of budget money.
Ahh, to be a homemaker, I feel so 1950s.
Overall I've decided I need more bean and lentil dishes, but not too many because then I will get sick of their mushiness.
But to top it all off, not only am I meat adverse, I'm not too fond of many vegetables, really the only think I like is fruit, and cake, and fruity flavored desserts. Unfortuantly I get deathly ill if I eat too much sugar at once, my husband often has to remind me to stop.
The only think I want to eat is cupcakes. Mmm, cupcakes. I begged my husband to not eat MY last cupcake today, and to save it for me. He said what if its my cupcake, you already ate the previous six. That that I had grovel, please, I need it, I'll pay you for it. He started laughing? paying out of what? (We have had a long standing joke, that I don't have money for what he wants at the grocery store out of my budget. The other day he told me he couldn't buy me a birthday present in a month and half because he doesn't have a budget. ) I told him I would buy the cupcake out of the budget money, that he earns from his full-time job. Apparently he likes me because he didn't eat the cupcake.


  1. Lesli, if you go to and scroll down a little ways, on the left sidebar is a tab that says "quick meals." You can choose what meal you want, what protein and how long you want to spend making it and it will pull up a bunch of recipes with those requirements. Also, check out the food blog - it's my favorite!


    Those are my favorite recipes. I don't have the dinner recipes up yet, but I'll get around to it soon.