Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here is entering my apartment. Yes, I should have shut the blinds before the picture.
This might be my favorite part. The corner looks so cozy.Yes, I should have cleaned my kitchen. We recently finally painted our chairs. And since we knew we would have white walls I figured colored chairs would be fun.
The children's bedroom. There is a whole back-end of the room you can't see, filled with toys and a closet. Their room is so huge compared to the last one, I love it.
Their bathroom, and yours too if you come to visit. The shower curtain is a new acquisition, I really like it, because its juvenile but not too much.Not a cardboard box insight. Unless you go into my room, but they aren't just laying around they are stacked neatly in corners, and really they are almost all food storage, or my childhood dollhouse. No pictures of my room or my bathroom right now for that very reason. Plus my bathroom isn't that exciting, the same shower curtain as in other rentals, all my bathroom mats on the floor (its long and skinny), and a picture of husband going to surf.
Speaking of my bedroom, I finally got my pantry to be my sewing/hobby closet, to go with my sewing desk. Unfortunately they are both in my bedroom, and now I share my sewing desk with my husband when he works at home and the children are awake.
Oh and here is our patio. Its actually huge for an apartment.
Oh, and not a box in sight, isn't exactly right, but not an box in plain view. I never said I would get rid of the boxes, I just said you won't notice them.

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