Saturday, August 22, 2009

My kid

This is my kid, he is taking a nap practically sitting up. He cracks me up, there was something I was going to write about it, but I can't remember at this late hour. He knows how to write his name and write mom, I didn't teach him how to write mom, he just surprised me. He is officially three and half, and a great kid. The other day he told me he likes his new house, so lets not move ok mom? I said ok we'll stay for a while. He isn't too fond of his dad's mba classes that don't get out until after bedtime. But he trys to act super brave when he has to go to bed without seeing his dad. He tries so hard not to cry, and he is extremely successful. Its a relief brent didn't get that new job at the same company, I don't think we could have handled a business trip. My kid is also addicted to toast these days. When we go to the store, he says, mom lets get ____ (some treat) next time, but not today ok.
OH I remembered, the other day I was looking at scab on my elbow, and he said, don't worry mom that hurt will get better soon. He had scabby knees that went away before my elbow, and I said they are gone, he said they beated yous. It was sweet, the reassuring me.

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