Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday Dinner/Uncle D's Birthday

Luckily I have a fantastic sister in law who would invite her and her kids over for ice cream. So I could rebuttal such claims and invite them over for dinner. Then I thought oh maybe my brother and his girlfriend want to come, then I remember its almost my brother's birthday. We had the traditional sunday dinner, roast, mash potatoes, jello, I even made gravy. The first time I've ever made gravy, I think it turned out just fine. Although my husband is very picky so he makes the potatoes, which also turned out well, he adds lots of butter, and sour cream so its goodness, plus a bunch of tasty spices.
I will be boastful and say I made a fantastic cake. That tasted great, with probably the best frosting I've ever made (I've only been making frosting for a year and half so). It was a flat cake none the less. It wasn't all rounded and baked unevenly.

Here is my darling niece, in her pink dress eating her pink ice cream in her pink ice cream cone.
My daughter is a cow, she was standing up playing, when she sat down, grabbed a handful of grass for her mouth, and stood back up to continue playing.
We are so sad our cousins are moving to Texas. It was so fun to have the kids play every week.

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