Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Un-Birthday

I asked my son whether his party was a half birthday or un birthday. He said "un" I started singing the song from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. He said stop.
I made thes wonderful creations for the party. Yes, my decorating leaves something to be desired. All three of us sang Happy Birthday. I ended it with Happy birthday to no one, because its no ones birthday. David laughed.
I was informed fire is hot and it will hurt us. Yes, very true, I stink at lighters and burned my finger. They didn't know it was tricky I was holding the baby too.
I think they had a great un birthday party.

I would have gotten some more great pictures except my camera died.


  1. We threw a fake birthday for my sons stuffed dog once. My husband was mad that the dog got a better birthday than he did.

  2. David thinks the feet on the cupcakes were very silly.

    He had a great time. That kid is always up for a party--especially if a cousin is involved.

    I too LOVE that they are such good buds. What a blessing this summer is.

  3. Super cute. Sorry you burnt your finger.
    cousins are so much fun!!! Wish we lived closer. Any word on new rental?