Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm embracing the mommy blog, and don't want to forget, before I forget to record it somewhere else.
Baby Nan, loved cereal, but now usually won't eat it without other favors added. She eats cereal 2-3 times a day. She loves baby 'nanas the best. I haven't found anything she won't eat, she seems to like applesauce the least. She seems to prefer green vegetables over other color vegetables, bizarre I know. She is terrible at finger foods and feeding herself, but loves her mush. She has also started on pears, and other fruits. And loves the gerber graduate star cereal for when we are out of the house, or she has finished her mush. I think she has her dad's taste buds while the boy takes after me. J and me are much pickier.

She babbled da da first, and since it is my second I've wised up and know I didn't want her to learn ma ma. So I always encourage the da da da da. Brent caught wind of this and started saying ma ma too her. Then we got in ma ma da da wars. After she would start saying da da da, she would then babble ma ma, and now she has dropped the da da das, for the mas. I don't know if I've won or lost. Its all so confusing, Brent says she'll be confused on who is dad and who is mom. Last week she also started laughing at herself after she sneezed. She learned that from her dad. Sort of how her older brother knew how to whisper when he was barely a year old. Dad teaches all sorts of fun things.

P.S. We are all out of our last rental. The agency ok us, the owner ok us. Now to get our deposit back in the mail....

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