Monday, July 6, 2009

Busy Days and Long Nights

We had a busy holiday weekend. My husband had friday off, so we went to Stake Lagoon Day. Which meant we got in free, got four free rides, and had to pay after that. We walked around a lot, so we only paid for one ride for J, and did our free rides. He enjoyed himself. We also got ice cream half off. Nan surprisingly enjoyed Lagoon too, riding around in the stroller watching all the people.
Then we sold our couches, I found it sort of sad, but life goes on.
Then we went to my brother's going away party for Honduras. It was fun, and the kids had fun playing with other kids, and playing with the dog. In true form to ourselves, we were the last to leave. It has been fun seeing my brother and his family this summer. The last time I saw my brother for more than a few days was when he was in college and I was in high school, the last time I saw him for more than a week was when he was in high school. So its been a good summer. Luckily my boy gets another month of playing with his boy.
Saturday we went to the church pancake breakfast, and once again were some of the last to leave. My boy loved playing with one of his nursery friends, for the few hours we were there. Then we came home and our kids napped forever, after a long day at lagoon, and staying up until 11 pm. Once they woke up, we walked to the park, and enjoyed the fourth of july festivities. We brought sack dinners and enjoyed the park. Luckily Brent's sister and family called and wanted to join us for fireworks. It was nice to have someone to walk home with. Both of my kids enjoyed the fireworks. I was suprised my daughter watched them. Sure she doesn't have an attention span so she often got sidetracked but everytime she saw them she would turn around and watch them again. Even though it was late when we got home I figured might as well let my boy do some sparklers. So my kids didn't get to bed until after 11:30, 9 o'clock church came very early for everyone. My daughter let us know she did not enjoy staying up until 11 two nights in a row, especially when she likes to go to bed at 7. Oh well life goes on. We did some more sparklers sunday night after the babe went to bed. Hopefully tonight, we do FHE where we explain a little bit of the history of the fourth of July to my son. As it is, he hasn't stopped talking about fireworks.

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