Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Cousin Buds

They needed some more pictures uploaded of them. I am so excited for my kid hopefully they will stay best buds for a long time, I don't have cousins close to my age, so I think I'm more excited for my kid than I should be.

We went out for his cousin's birthday, ever since then my kid has been planning a birthday for himself when his cousins comes over. We made cake last night, we left out the raisins and we didn't make raisin cookies. I don't like raisins so they got cut. He told his grammy he was going to make raisin cake and raisin cookies for his party. If you are lucky I'll update you on the unbirthday/half birthday my kid planned. All they are getting is cake, maybe if I can find some balloons, I'll blow up two. No presents.

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