Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For a little more than 24 hours there was a hope that we would stay put. The rental agency called Brent and said the owner of the house requested that we stay and what would they have to do to keep us. Brent said dropped the rent $400, well of course the owner didn't agree but there was hope. During that time, I really really wanted to stay, even with the ant infestation, and a downstairs reaking of mildew and mold. But once I knew for sure that we weren't staying, all of sudden I was ready to move. I can't really explain it, other than this house would be too big for me while Brent is busy working and at school. From what I hear from people who have done the program, we will still share the same room at night, that will be the only time I see him. I know it could be worse, I'm not complaining I'm just stating. I'm now ready to move on. (Sort of) I have come to realize my husband is a nomad, he has been itching to move since January, and now our lease is finally up. We may never live somewhere for long. I wouldn't be surprised if we bought a house, and then moved a year later, filling the house with renters. My husband gets antsy, as my grandma told him, its lucky he married me. From what she hears most girls demand the husband finds a job by her parents, and they stay there. While me on the other hand would pretty much follow my husband anywhere, Chile, Texas, Costa Rica, California, DC, Altanta, Utah. Ok for now I haven't really followed him that many places, but we have moved way more than anyone should have moved. Lets hope we at least start staying places two to three years once my kids start school. One day he/we could stay put, I just can't quite see that day yet.
My husband has been packing for a week, I just barely started last night. I wasn't ready until last night. I'm still not 100% positive about this move, but I know we can no longer stay. Yesterday I thought how I wanted my husband to play in water outside with our son, I ended up outside and they were playing in the sprinker, I thought why are we moving? Then everything became clear, although I couldn't really explain it. Its time.

P.S. I'm not quite sure what my grandma is talking about though, because she is the one who married someone in the air force, and left the town she was born and raised to move all over the country. Sure I could tell you where I was born, and I could tell you were I was raised but they are not the same place.

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  1. Moving sucks. Micah and I decided when we moved into our current apartment that our next move would be out of the state, or into a home we buy. We've now been here three years and we hate it. We are so ready to move but we don't konw where to go. Looks like we'll move into another rental in Utah County. BOO!!!