Thursday, July 2, 2009

Zen Realization

Two nights ago, I was switching the laundry and had a joy moment. Most of the time I despise my mundane tasks, so its important to have joy moments. Partly the moment came from having a washer and dryer in my residence. Then I thought about how in a month from now I'll being using my own washer and dryer instead of the stupid ones that came in this house. Which made me realize the things I like most in life are my husband, my son and my daughter. The things that drive me crazy are almost all in relation to the current house I live in. Why am I caring that I have downsize? Lets just say I'm glad I rented a house that was almost a 100 years old, that way I know I never want to buy one.
Not to mention I don't think I can really complain that my husband wants graduate with a Masters in Business Administration debt free. That is the plan with downsizing, to save $600 a month on living expenses. Not to mention when we don't have space to put things we don't buy as much. I'm looking forward to being organized. In my last apartment I was incredibly organize, I had to be, or it would have been walking on stuff. Here there is space and more space, I can never remember where anything is, downstairs, upstairs, that closet, this closet. That won't be my problem in a month from now.

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  1. hooray for washers and dryers! Hooray for saving and finishing school. You guys are very inspiring.