Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Story

Even though the population is small in this city, I do live in a somewhat of an urban area, so I often see a lot of panhandlers. Usually a week does not go by without someone asking me for money. Its rather bizarre though, usually the person wandering around the grocery store parking lot asking for money are dressed in business casual, and carrying a laptop. I do not give money to people who have nicer clothes than me.
The other day, my family of four was taking a stroll around the neighborhood, we got near one of the local commercial properties, when this man came up to us with a shpeal to tell. I get asked for money all the time so my first reaction was no. But my husband listen to his story, he and his wife were traveling when their car broken down, and they need money to fix.... I can't remember what. He said he still needed $20, did we have a dollar or so we could spare. Well my husband being the charitable person he was, said he would walk to Auto Zone with this man and pay for the entire part for him. (My husband believed this man, and was dead serious, that he would pay for it.) My husband's response fumbled the man, he paused and said, you would walk to Auto Zone with me?! Not all the way there? (Mind you we were already on a walk, and Auto Zone was probably closer to where we were standing than our house was) Brent replied yes, I'll walk there with you, and buy the part for you. The man fumbled a bit more and said oh kay, let me go get my brother, he is on the next street over, and I'll meet you there. The man ran off. I looked at Brent and said I'll take the kids and walk home and put them to bed. I knew my husband would buy someone he didn't know something if they needed it so, I figured he would be on his way to Auto Zone. Brent said, wait, wait for the guy to come back, I don't want to wait by myself. So we stood on the street corner chatting waiting for the guy to come back. Brent decided we should go looking for him, because really how long can you wait for someone who wants your help. So we started to walk up the direction the man ran off. As we were walking, I said, squinting isn't that the same guy, asking that car at Smith's for something? Brent couldn't see what I was talking it about, so we dropped it. We continued walking, not finding the man, and so we headed it home. Brent said, if he wanted just the money he should have gone to Auto Zone with me, let me buy the part and then return it after I left.
The end of the story?
Apparently not, the other day we were all leaving the Grocery Store, when I spotted this same guy talking to someone a few cars down, then receiving all the coins out of the other man's car. I pointed it out to Brent. The panhandler than came up to Brent and told him the same story as before, except instead of needing a $20 part, he needed a $60 part. Brent called him on it, and said you already told me the story last time you asked me for money. I was going to go to the Auto part store with you and buy the part for you, when you ran off. The man denied it all, then got very angry at Brent. Saying, just because some other guy lied to you, you won't help me. Brent very calmly replied yes. Well luckily I was in the car this whole time, because it was hard not to laugh hysterically at the whole thing. The man left very angry at Brent, and Brent in true Brent form very calmly got in the car.
Brent is one of the most charitable people I know, he would give someone anything they need. He will give anyone any object they need, but he is much more hands on in his monetary charity than most people. He does not donate money unless he checks to make sure majority of the money goes to the actual cause. He would much rather give his time and talents, than money to an unknown bureaucracy. That being said, he will often help without being asked, and is one of the first to volunteer for any service.


  1. I love Brent. He is such a good example to me. AND I feel bad that we still have your Snake...he let us borrow it when all chaos was hitting the plumbing when we first moved in. I didn't mean to keep it so long we just keep forgetting to get it back to you when we see you! Sorry.

  2. You don't think Brent saw right through the guy's story right from the start? The old "I need a part" Well I'll buy it for you" "Oh then, I'll be right back" bit is as old as auto parts stores!