Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coming to Terms

I've been thinking about my mommy blog for a few days now. First off, I've been feeling pathetic for months now, that I don't write as well as I did while I was in school. I'm not constantly writting essays for classes, so yes. Although I want to be home with my kids and not in school, I do miss my ariculation and writting skills. I don't feel capible of dicussing political ideas in public setting anymore. Not only do I not study as much, pregnancy number two, did a number on my memory. I think I need therapy or something, I can not tell you how many times my mind goes blank in the middle of a conversation.
Long story, longer, I am ok, with my mommy blog, I doubt very many of you want to read my opinions on TIME magazine articles, and I don't think that will make a very interesting family history. So, here it is, my mommy blog. Raw, and wordy.

On a different topic:
We all have different ways of dealing with stress. A fairly easy move is still stressful, just not as stressful as hard moves. My son is dealing with it, with crying a lot, and demanding sugary things. I'm letting it slide a bit, because well, we all have our vices. He isn't get sugar as much as he asks, but still more than normal. Like today, for breakfast he had a frostingless spice cake cupcake, thats about like a muffin right?
My vice right now, shopping. Nothing like purging your stuff and moving to make you think you need more things right?! Like beach towels for the pool, even though we have so many towels from our wedding we could gag a goat. Also I always want a new bathing suit, and I would like some board shorts in my current size. How about some movies for J and me, and some new CDs. Have I bought all these no, but I wish I had unlimited money to buy it all, yes. But I did buy a new shower curtain for the kids bathroom, and unfortunatly lots of other such stuff.

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  1. Oh good, glad to hear you're not quitting blogging! I feel the same way about my blog though... it's become totally mundane since I'm at home all the time now instead of in the workplace or at school but I like reading other people's blogs who are in similar situations so I try not to stress too much about my boring-ness.

    And I hear you on the shopping lately. July was HORRIBLE for spending -- necessary spending but also just unnecessary spending. I felt like I couldn't stop. Well now we're paying for it and will be living on ramen noodles & counting pennies for a while. Ugh, I hate hate HATE that feeling which is why I don't usually ever shop. Sigh. Oh well.