Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My husband has a job interview to day, its internal. According to him, he is totally unqualified for the job, but some of the management he works with told him to apply so he did. Today is his interview. I know he'll do great, he is a great interviewer. His own self declared downfall is he is low on technical skills.
It was nice to pray last night, and thinking, I've been praying that everything will work out well with this interview. But it is nice not to be stress, and to know what happens will be the best for our family. There are pro and cons to getting the job, or staying put. Whatever happens will be perfect. I've been so stressed about other possible changes lately, its nice to feel that calm.
Yes, my husband has way more job interviews than anyone that is not looking for a new job should have. I know, I'm sorry.
My son thought he was going to church work today, since he had church shirt, tie and pants on.

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  1. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he got it and then rose to the top and took over the world!!!! goood luck !