Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thinking about this for a while now

I realize I have no real trials at this point in my life. All the things I complain about are really blessings. Loud children, laundry, dishes, dinner, cleaning, paying for my husband's MBA, paying bills, staying within my budget, crying, too much stuff. But yet at the same time life sometimes suffocating. I have so say no matter what happens in the day, no matter how overwhelmed I get, I'm glad I going through all of this with my husband at my side. Its such a relief when I'm so stressed out to know my husband is passed out a sleep next to me. (Not literally passed out, it takes great effort on my part, to calm down, relax and go to sleep. My husband's head it the pillow and he is out.) I was extremely stressed a month or so ago, with budgets, income, up coming tuition, rent, buying a house?, staying, moving. But at night when I would lay down next to my husband it was nice to know, if I have to endure to the end I'm glad I get to do it with him. And in fact it makes me happy to know I get to endure with him. Some days by the time I get the kids to bed I feel so bogged down I want to scream, but to know that I'm living and doing all of this with Brent makes me happy.
Plus he was the one to point out to me a few months ago, all my trials are blessings.

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  1. Jake recently said the same thing as you that we really have no trials in our life (hopefully that doesn't mean we are about to get some) but overall our life is great. I too love having a husband by my side...cannot imagine doing this alone