Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cousin fun

We are the Utah cousins and I love that. We see my kid's paternal cousins all the time (sort of) and I love that, but at the same time, my family is a novelty for me since we don't see them all the time. My sibling's and their families stretch from sea to shining sea. Literally, LA, to Long Island, to Atlanta and about everywhere inbetween, ok not really everywhere in between. Anyway one of my five brothers mentioned to my one sister that he sees me every year whether he needs to or not. That is what is great about being the Utah cousins, almost everyone in my family married someone from this state (its a popular option being mormon) and so they all come to see the other grandparents and stop by to see ME. Its fabulous, I'm not ready to move for that very reason, when would I see my siblings?!
Anyway, my kids have enjoyed seeing some of their maternal cousins. N babe is in seventh heaven with attention.
I love this picture, well I loved the last one too. But this one N babe just seems so happy to be with the "big girls".
While J man is so happy to play with a boy cousin within a year of his age (his cousin is 8 months older). He has LOTS of girl cousins his age on his dad's side, and while enjoys playing with them and playing with their older brothers, there is something to say about having a cousin that wants to play preschool boy games. What those games are I don't know I'm not a three/four year old boy. They seem to be best buds. J is always talking about going to see him or having him come to our house. He is going to be very sad at the end of the summer, especially if we tell him his cousins is going to be moving near grammy.
Here is me with some of my siblings. My sister came out to visit for a week, my brother's family he is here for the summer, and my little brother goes to school out here. And me, while I think I've finally graduated from looking like a teenager. Disagree if you must, just don't tell me. When I picked up my sister from the airport she said I didn't recognize you at first, you looked like an adult. Paraphrased of course, let me assure you this is a compliment.

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