Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Living Arragements

So as always our plans have changed, and they could continue to change until our signatures are on paper in some legal way.
House shopping didn't work out yet again. This is the third time we have looked into buy a house, maybe more depending on how you count. This is the farthest we have made it so far. Previous times we decided we either did not really have enough money for it, or we decided that prices were too high. I'm glad that previous times we didn't buy because we would now be belly up.
This is time the only houses we wanted either foreclosed before we could do a short sale, or the Realtor/bank (not sure which party) sat on our offer for months waiting for a higher one. They have recently changed the law so now the bank has to look at the first offer given on a short sale. (the only houses for sale are short sales) If I think about it, it makes me sad, if that law would have been in an effect in January, I would be living in my own home right now, with animal rights on the property, with the most awesome patio out there, and a large backyard. But I don't so I don't dwell on it. I had a very clear impression months ago while I was chopping vegetables for dinner that whatever happened with that house would work for our good. I'm hoping that putting my sad thoughts out on the blogsphere will be liberating, and I'll get over it. (I know you aren't suppose to get emotionally attached, but apparently I did. But not enough to over pay on a house that needed work. We could have made another higher offer but we said no.)
We wanted to move out of the city, but we aren't. We will be renting for at least another year, hopefully two, but not in this house. We are looking for an apartment in the city, because if I'm going to rent I want to be close to everything. We are hoping to drop our rent payments about $300-400, in order to pay for school. Right now we are looking at moving into a complex with a pool and a playground. There are down falls to apartment complexes, but there are also pluses, especially since my husband will never be home between being a full time student and having a full time job, I want neighbors. I have no neighbors here, I live by a single man who is never home and travels a lot, an elderly woman who is gone all day, and deafer than a doorknob, an elderly couple who although I've met are kind of like hermits that don't get along, and a half way house. If something was to happen while my husband was gone, I would have to call someone who doesn't live by me. That was one of the nice things about my previous 4-plex, I knew exactly who was home when.
So yes, we will be moving. Yes, it will be smaller than this place. Yes, it takes effort to move, so why did we move here if we wouldn't be here for long?! Sometimes I wonder that, but I definitely wouldn't have wanted to live in a small place this past year, when there was no need to pay tuition. Plus, we got to host christmas for part of my family this year, it was nice to have a place to house those who came. Good news, we tighten our belts when the rest of the country did because of the recession. We didn't really feel the recession, but we knew we needed to pay tuition, and as of what my husband told me yesterday, we have money to pay our upcoming bill for August tuition.
Long story short, we move a lot. I can't afford to not pay my tithing. I need those blessings. I wish food storage wasn't a commandment, it takes up a lot of space. I need to dejunk my possessions.

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  1. Moving! Fun! You're a pro by now.

    Will you email me and tell me where you'll be in school?