Monday, June 8, 2009

Cute Kids

I'm pretty fond my children. So here are some cute things they are up to.
J man often surprises us with what he says. His dad was out of town this weekend, and he often gets very sad in the evenings without his dad. Saturday night, he looks at me and says I'm having a hard night. When every things seems to be falling apart and everything turns into a tragedy I ask are you having a hard day? he has broaden the phrase just a bit. In church he couldn't figure out why dad wasn't there, and in the middle, he looks at me on the verge of tears and says, I'm having a hard church day. But normally life is good, and he will look outside and say, this is the best day, or this is the best night.
He also loves to exercise (if I'd only do it more). When ever he has to reach or stretch for something he tells me, I'm doing a chair exercise, or I'm doing a where ever he is exercise.
I have a friend who had a little boy just a few weeks after I had my daughter. We were talk yesterday in church, when N babe started talking to her son. She talked and talked to him, and he just stared in rapture, waiting until there was a pause in N's speech where he would just add one coo, and then let Nan continue. The real cute thing was N reached out and held his hand the whole time. She loves to hold hands, and overall be very cuddly.
N babe is getting better and better at moving each day. She can now move rooms in search of us. Today I was vacuuming, in the other room, and as I turned the corner there she was crawling toward me screaming. It was pretty much the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. We repeated it later on, when I put her on the floor in my room to play, and I went to vacuum the stairs. When I finished and went to save her, but I didn't need to go far, she had (army) crawled all the way to the stairwell. To repeat the words of her dad, when he found her eating magnets today, nothing is safe anymore. Needless to say all the magnets are now hidden. She spends most of her awake time rocking on her hands and knees trying to figure out how to move like that until, she falls forward and reverts to army crawling.


  1. Precious moments. You're little J sounds adorable. I love when kids learn to speak and mimick their parents. I still can't believe N is crawling, army or otherwise, at a mere 5 months.

  2. I am so glad I re-read that and she wasn't eating Maggots!!!!!
    I was having a hard church day without Mike there too! I wanted to sit in the foyer and cry. Dad's really do help with the kids at church!