Saturday, June 27, 2009

Turns out..

It turns out I'm sexist. I told my husband that and he asked toward men. I said no traditionally sexist, not reverse sexism. I don't think I would be ok with my husband making less than me in our chosen career fields. I could handle jobs that pay the bills, but not career fields. Judge me if you must, you may disagree. I wanted to post but didn't feel like uploading pictures on to my computer. This was the only thing I could think to post. That I could careless if my husband had a low salary for his life, but I probably would judge his "manhood" if he made less than me. Luckily right now I do not get paid, so if one day I made more than him, he would have years of accumulation to win. Although I could careless about other people financial earning abilities, and their relationships. "To each their own", is my motto.
In less judgmental information, my husband and I went water skiing today. Well no one actually water skied, my husband wake boarded, and I kneed boarded and about 8 other people did other water sports, water skiing not included. This is only my second time doing anything like this other than tubing. It was fun, I would like to go more, eventually move to wake boarding. I doubt we will ever own a boat, also jet skis would be fun.
Post Script I think my husband is super extra cute when he wake boards.
In more ramblings that make this post never end. My husband is very tired, while I am just sort of tired. The first time he took me boating was super super cold, and I have never been so cold in water before, so this time is no where near as tiring. Not to mention I didn't go on the lake as much as him this time. I blame it on my lack of inshapeness from my last pregnancy.
But back to the first time boating, five years ago. I spent most of the morning shivering, and all of the afternoon exhausted from all the shivering. I ended up wearing Brent's old wrestling sweats from high school all day because I was so cold. I washed the pants and kept them for awhile, until I decided I didn't really want to be the type of girl who wears her boyfriends sweats/pajamas, so I gave them back.
Now when I'm pregnant I do wear his clothes when I need loungy/work/exercise clothes.
Although maybe only his shirts.
I know interesting anecdote. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)
The end, truly!


  1. My daughter said she was babysitting for you today...that must have been where you were! Glad you had fun.

  2. And I'm glad she helped grandma babysit. J mentioned her in his bedtime prayers.