Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tender Mercies

Eight days ago, I struggled through the weekend. Nothing bad happen, my life is still very blessed, I just had a hard time with the amount of noise. Sometimes I wonder how I can be a mother of more than two children, because the noise level is already so high in my opinion. I'm not too good with noise unless I'm making it. I was rather stressed, plus I think I was making my husband feel unappreciated since it hadn't even been a week since he took me on vacation. Then I went to close my blinds, it was dusk, and I didn't need everyone staring at me. When I noticed this...
Two roses, I went outside and found a huge rose bush full of happiness.
Look at all these lovely long stem pink roses. It gave me the will power to be a better mom and wife, and to snap out of my bad mood.
So now I have roses in my house everyday. When they start wilting I just go get more. Its wonderful.

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  1. Must be nice!! I love having fresh things around. Micah and I bought Nectarines from Costco the other day and now when I come home it smells like fruit! That is so much better than the stale air of winter.