Thursday, June 4, 2009

A silly post

Yesterday my husband and I ran to the store to get hamburger buns, while other fully capable adults were at my house with my children. My husband opened my door when we walked out to the car. Then we held hands as we walked into the store, until the point that our hands were too full of groceries. As we walked in the store, I was full of giddy. It was so exciting that I got to hold Brent's hand. Holding hands is not a rare of an occurrence, I just find it sometimes unbelievable that I got to married him, and he wants to hold my hand.


  1. Maybe I need to hold Brent's hand just to see what it's like! Just kidding. It's cute that you are still so in love.

  2. I have tried holding my own hand and it isn't very exciting.