Friday, June 19, 2009


You be the judge... does this girl look sick? I already know my parents answer. Sure she is a skinny mini, but she is getting some nice thigh rolls, and has a good double chin. Sure her cheeks are no where near her brother's standard but they are plump enough. I just love the thigh rolls.
Here are my kids in the bath together. They love taking baths together. My daughter splashes with joy the whole time.
Here is my son around the same time the pediatrician freaked out that he had dropped growth percentiles. I sure he think he looks unhealthy, with his fat cheeks, his double chin, sausage link fingers, and fat round feet.
Personally I think she looks happy and heathly. But what do I know I'm sure her mom, I just the one who takes care of her needs every second of the day.

Nothing like looking at pictures of my children to put me in a better mood.

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