Friday, June 19, 2009


No I'm not emo, but I'm feeling a little emotional so maybe I should get some emo CDs. I know this blog is in dire need of some pictures but I'm really just not feeling up to it.
Yesterday when I woke up tired I figured the day would be like any other. And yes well I guess it was. I took my daughter to her 6 month well child visit. If I remember correctly, she is 14 lbs and 25.5 inches. Which means she has dropped weight percentiles. I am not concerned, she fits my father's guidelines for a healthy child, she smiles, has bright eyes, fat cheeks, and is active. Not to mention have you seen pictures of my husband growing up? He was small for his age to say the least. Not to mention my son drop weight percentiles too. My doctor doesn't necessarily agree. Luckily she is not doing anything hasty like the doctor I had for my son, who did all sorts of blood work, and traumatized a young mother, to find out that my son was perfectly healthy. I'm also not concerned about my daughter because she is very active, and army crawls EVERYwhere. I have to start feeding her cereal three times a day, and come back in a month for a weight check. There is pretty much nothing worse for my self esteem than to take my child to the doctor, not even high school or middle school. (The dentist on the other hand is a differently story.) To top it all off my daughter vomited all over my husband last night after getting immunized.
In the afternoon we went to go look at apartments. I was all aboard on moving to a smaller, cheaper place. I still am, I just underestimated the amount of humble pie I would have to swallow. Eighteen hours later, I'm getting use to the fact that life goes on, lots of people make sacrifices for education and financial security. But when I first got in the car after looking at an apartment I wanted to cry. I didn't, I acted like a big girl and moved on. Not really, but at least no tears fell. Not to mention the real reason the day sucked was the doctor implied if my daughter doesn't gain weight she needs to be put on formula. While I mentally made a note to ask people for new doctor referrals. I'm entitled to a second opinion, and often wonder if its worth driving to springville for the only doctor I've liked. My son actually dropped growth percentiles before. The doctor and nurse were unconcerned they mentioned it, but said I wouldn't worry about unless something else happens. You are teeny so of course you'll have small kids. I added plus my husband is barely larger than me. Ahh, to have a doctor I like.....
As my husband said last night, the only time my daughter is ever sick is when the doctors pokes her full of dead strains of deadly diseases. But yet we still immunized because you never know when my husband will come home with the opportunity to move to a foreign country in less than a month.

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  1. My daughter is barely a pound more at 10 months. Still in the 5th percentile, but back on "The Curve" My doctor simply just said my milk was like apple juice, (how insulting!) He said she was still getting the protein she needed just not all the fat. (What, does apple juice have protein?) He simply said, don't hold back on the solids. I probably would have socked him if he had said she needed formula, (actually I probably would have cried,) and then I would have worried myself sick because I know nothing about feeding a baby formula, and in the end I wouldn't have followed his advice and my baby would be fine. All she really wants to eat is rocks anyway.