Saturday, December 3, 2011


Remember how I talked about wrapping paper, and how I hate to buy it?  Well I have spent the last month trying to decided where I stand.  I didn't want to buy wrapping paper, but is that because I'm lame, cheap and ghetto or because I care about the environment?  I decided it was the first and so I went to buy wrapping paper.  But I couldn't. I went to multiple stores, and never could do it, all I think about was how messed up and commercialized Christmas in America is.  I love Christmas but I don't think it has to be over the top.  Everytime I tried to pick up a roll of wrapping paper I thought about it sitting in land fills, sure paper is biodegradability but seriously is anything in a land fill?  I thought about all the resources that are used to make paper.  Especially all the fossil fuels and chemicals to make white paper on one side, and brightly colored paper on the other.  I couldn't buy it, I just couldn't.  Sure I do plenty of things that are terrible for the environment, but wrapping presents in bleached and dyed paper, was just one thing I couldn't do.  Meat yes, wrapping paper no.  It turns out it wasn't money at all, you can get wrapping paper for a $1, but I still couldn't do it.  So we wrapped presents is left over craft paper, and construction paper scraps. 
But then I felt bad, my kids wouldn't have colorful birthday presents.  I kept seeing my daughter's birthday present from Grandma.  It made me feel bad that their children's mom was a basket case.  So I figured out the line I wanted to walk.  Birthday presents can be in colored paper, but I wouldn't buy christmas paper.
I felt good, I made my peace.
Then imagine my surprise when I found craft paper with gold stars on it!  I felt that was totally ligit.  Even though the stars are made by dye as is the ribbon.  I was trying.
I can't give up the Christmas baby theme, so I bought christmas paper with pink in it, for my daughter's birthday, which could double as paper for cousin presents.  I felt like this was all legal with my brain.  I am currently storing my daughter's birthday presents under the tree.  So it looks like I'm not actually following my rules of no wrapping paper.
BUT!  I love the look of brown paper packages tied up with... ribbon. Although maybe I should switch to string next year.  Look how pretty!
So yes, my tree looks like its not following the rules, but is, those are my daughter's birthday presents.
Speaking of birthday presents, my daughter has WAY too many, because I made them all, so I just couldn't resist, since it didn't cost much.

Now, you are 100% sure that I'm nuts, so lefts continue--
My tree. Brent and I have been adamant that we weren't going to buy a full size tree until we were in a house.  Well now we are, and we don't have one, but we only want to buy a clearance one.  So I put up our four feet tree.  I felt pathetic as a mom.  But then it was up and the kids had a blast covering it ornaments.  Which is why it looks like it does.  Plus its on a table so it doesn't look so short, and the table is covered in christmas.  And now part of me never wants a full size tree, because this one is so easy!  And simple, I think christmas should be easy-- non stressful. We will eventually get a full size tree, but who knows when.  I won't be torn up if its not this year. Right now the only reason I would get a full size tree is because we have enough ornaments for a full size tree.

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  1. I'm using brown grocery sacks for wrapping paper this year. Funny!