Saturday, December 3, 2011

Live Nativity

Tonight we went to a Creche Exhibit, and watched a live Nativity outside. It was freezing, literally, it had snowed all day, so you can imagine how cold it was 2 hours after sunset.  There were metal chairs to sit in but we preferred to stand than to freeze in our seats. I held the girl, I figured she would keep me warm, plus she was cold so it was comforting to her.  She held her mitten hand on my nose to keep it warm, since my hand were holding her up.  The other patrons around us probably weren't so happy but I explained what we were watching to her.  In five days she preforms a nativity with her preschool class, so it was a double bonus.  When Mary lifted the baby Jesus into the Manager, my almost three year old said, "Baby Jesus going to be cold, he need another banky (blanket).
I wanted to die laughing, but since it was so cold, I barely chuckled.  She is a very conscientious mother.   She knew you can not have a newborn baby outside with just one blanket on him, with his bare head out in the elements.  She knows if mama, has a hat on and mitten, the baby should be wrapped up good! Luckily the baby was a doll.

Speaking of mothering.  The other day we were at my friend's house.  She has five children the youngest being 6 months old.  Since he is baby number 5 she was totally ok with Nan mothering him.  He was in his exersaucer and crying.  Nan would go over, pull his fist out of him mouth and hold his pacifier there until he calmed down. Then treasure of treasures my friend let Nan hold the baby as long as she wanted. (I helped of course.) I could tell he was number 5, because the mom was not concerned in the slightest.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure next child born into our family will be smothered more by Nan than me.

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