Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I have a three year old.

The night of her birthday we had a family party with dad, and grandmas knew exactly what she wanted Dolls!
 Here she is helping big baby walk.
 While the other grandma made her a J and N dolls.  She loves playing pretend, with her brother and her doll. She was so happy to have her very own grandma special dolls.

 She got the doll carrier and backpack from me.
 We ate the butterfly cake with dad, and the girls had cupcakes at the party.
But then they wanted the cake so bad, that we shared some more with them at preschool the next day for snack.
I can't believe I have a three year old daughter.  She says the funniest things, and is definitely not a baby.
Like last night she said, good night mom, love you, NOW leave, pointing to the door.
She is trying really hard not to suck her thumb during the day after the dentist asked her not to.
She always says, well actually... then follows up with any old thing.
For example, well actually I want chex for breakfast.

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  1. She is so big and talking! I love it!
    Great butterfly cake!