Wednesday, September 21, 2011

too soon

I have been saving paper packaging, from Amazon packages and fragile purchases.  Wouldn't my living room look so idyllic this Christmas, if we have no store bought wrapping paper? Brown paper, newspaper, and pretty ribbon.  I read last year about how bad christmas was for the enviroment, and it really struck a cord with me.  I see no purpose to buy wrapping paper. I haven't bought it since.
Until I bought wrapping paper last week before the birthday party, I felt ghetto going to an expensive birthday party without real wrapping.  Which is so lame of me, that is the last place I should give up my ideals.
Think about it, at least I would much rather spend $4 on a spool of ribbon than on wrapping paper.  Plus Michaels has ribbon for sale all the time for a dollar.  I bought solid color wrapping paper like that makes it any better.
Here are some great examples:

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  1. I wrap birthday gifts in comics from newspaper. Always a hit. Learned from grandma. Never thought of Christmas But now I will, yay!