Thursday, December 15, 2011

Working Hard?

Back in November Brent got a bunch of propaganda cards from his employer when they changed company names AGAIN.  He collected everyone's cards in his office and built this castle. According to him, he got an email from HR or someone with some people creations that put his to shame.  He also said his team that he manages in SLC made way cooler stuff.  Although he didn't have anyone interested in helping at his office so....
 I was surprised at how big it was in real life.  I thought those cards were business card size, but they actually  two credit cards next to each.
 When we went to go see it in person, the kids thought there dad was the coolest person in the world, which of course he is.  I wish I took a picture of them by it, so you could get a picture of how big it actually is.
Then a few weeks later, the cleaning person accidentally crushed the front.

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