Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nativity

Nan is JoySchool, and since it is not a government run school, the Christmas party was all about religion.  The girls performed the First Christmas, and now Nan completely relates to the story of Jesus's birth, and gets who is who.  She is in class with five girls, we decided the play would work well with 6 people instead so an older sister played the role of Joseph. 

Here is the Angel talking to Mary.
 Here is one of the Inn Keepers telling them no room.  We had two more inn keepers who then turned into Shepherd.
 Mary and Joseph laying down the baby.
 The third inn keeper, turned into the wise man.  A hot pink, queen, wiseman, with a camel, saw the start in the east.
 Her face goes rashy from sucking her thumb.
 Singing Jingle Bells.  My three old new favorite song, because they sing it at her school.
Don't mind that this is the only picture with the other two innkeepers or the Shepherds, they weren't too big into acting, and my husband was taking pictures, because I was the audio specialist.

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  1. I bet they wished they had hot pink back in Jesus time to wear on special occasions! I like the back ground, did someone make that and then just save it for each year?