Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hike a month ago

I'm behind on my blog and have a desire to catch up.  In the beginning of November we went hiking with a guy Brent met at webelos training and the guy's family. The live on the side of the mountain, we left from their backyard to start the hike.  It is great where they live except the sunsets at 11:30 am during the winter.  When they said that I thought better you than me. There was quite a bit of snow and ice during our hike.
 This was the easy part of the hike.
 It was very cold by the lake.  In the background is pikes peak but all the snow is making it disappear in the setting sun. It was so windy by our house, trampolines were being blown over, our one piece of lawn furniture blew over, our neighbor had a different neighbors porch swing mattress in their grass, etc so I wore glasses thinking the wind would dry out my contacts so much they would just pop right out.  Plus when its high wind advisory there is a lot of dirt in the air to blow onto my contacts.  But other than when we were on the lake it wasn't windy a single moment during the hike.
 Once we got back on the trail the sun disappeared behind the mountain.
 Nan cried pretty much the whole four hours, I think the other couple was glad their kids are older than three. She loves the outdoors, she was just being her.
 A view from the mountain the live on, although of course they don't live this high up.

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  1. That is awesome! Makes me want to go hike up Green Canyon. I love the first icy pictures on the rocks!