Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas, and even getting fitting some religious thoughts into the day.
This was the primary picture in our Christmas card.  I wanted a picture of us in front of our house with snow.  All the bushes are dormant, and we needed snow to cover up all the twigs poking out of the rocks.  It snowed a couple times in October, so I thought no problem.  Then it didn't snow a single day in November!  I was getting worried, then finally December hit and it snowed, but then I started to chicken out.  Luckily my husband kept my dreams alive, he set up his camera with a timer across the street.  Not the most amazing pictures, but perfectly great for a family christmas card.  I think My kids are absolutely adorable, but I wonder why my husband and I aren't as photogenic.  Just so you know I did plan out what we were wearing and I know layers are all fashionable in photos, but we actually don't have any props in the photo other than my daughter's hair clip, we were freezing!  The gloves, hats, boots all necessary.  I know the kids wished they had snow pants on so they could actually played.  I wish I would have had a hat over my ears, but I didn't really want to sport that look in the picture.
Great thing is when we finally paint the outside of our house, we can do this picture all over again!
In case you wanted to know what our house looks like, imagine the picture going to the left with a three car garage.  Ah all the painting dreams I have for this house, number one being the door.  The door looks all wrong in my opinion.


  1. Your card was my favorite!
    Totally my style :)

  2. I love it! Your house looks like a postcard type of house with a happy family on it! Perfect.